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Autentico Italiano dal 1856


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Professional Range

Cirio products are characterized by the authenticity and attention to the methods of collection and storage of raw materials.

In fact, in 24 hours,  beans, peas, chickpeas, green beans, corn are harvested, washed and cooked in hot water, are then put into the box and pasteurized using the same cooking water (no additives are added) or are cooked steam and then stored in milk (such as sweet corn). 

The short time frame under which the product is selected and treated in the plants results in a high quality of taste, rich and at the same time delicate, and a right consistency.

Characteristics of Professional Range

The Main restaurant operators use these products both in the realisation of many traditional recipes (mostly cooked), which also dish ethnic flavour, such as raw as a condiment in cous-cous or in salads.

The fine quality can be recognised even in tomatoes Cirio tomatoes.

The tomatoes are carefully collected in the summer by about 14,500 farmers, and are treated to the exacting standards of processing and storage that the company uses, what to offer consumers the taste of tomatoes picked fresh and ready for use.

In catering Cirio has thought of different needs:

  • pulp finely chopped (suitable for preparations with long cooking)

  • the heart of tomato obtained by adding the pulp of the tomato dense sauce (also suitable for not long cooking)

  • peeled, icon of Italian cuisine, simple and genuine flavor. Immersed in a tomato sauce enable efficiencies better than 10% of the average long cooking times

  • sauce for pizzas obtained according to the traditional Italian pizza: basil, oregano, marjoram and onion. Already ready for use, it can be used in pure form or diluted