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Autentico Italiano dal 1856


Cultivated by our farmer


  • Supersweet Corn


Product description

Cirio bright and big super-sweetcorn kernels are greatly appreciated by Italian restaurant sector. We harvest when the sweet corn is crisp but still sweet, with low level of starches for the best quality, then we transport the crop immediately to the plants and productions takes place in a few hours. The vacuum packed tin is "steam cooked": the corn rich flavour and nutritional properties are preserved with no additives, not even sugar, thanks to its natural sweetness.


Cirio's Supersweet Corn is available in the following size: - 3 Kg can

Nutrition Information

Typical values for 100g of product
Energy349 kJ / 83 kcal
Fat1.8 g
of which saturated0.4 g
Carbohydrate12.2 g
of which sugars6.3 g
Fibre3.9 g
Protein2.6 g
Salt0.8 g

Health benefits

Serving Information

Cirio bright and big sweetcorn kernels can be eaten straight from the can! Enjoy their super sweet taste, naturally rich in vitamins and mineral salts, and use them in thousand of cold or warm preparations.


As Cirio Supersweet Corn contain no preservatives, store in the refrigerator after opening and consume within 3 days.

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